Mexican Insurance

RF&G is an authorized Agent for ANA Compania de Seguros, S.A. de C.V. (ANA Seguros), a Mexican Insurance Company. Drive with confidence while in Mexico with an ANA Seguros policy. ANA Seguros is 100% Mexican owned and offers fast, friendly & knowledgeable service throughout Mexico. Their claims service is 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. See below for important information.


Value of Your Vehicle

Unlike motor insurance in Belize, motor insurance in Mexico DOES NOT cover duty and taxes paid on the vehicle in Belize. Be aware that a total loss payment would reflect the duty-free value of your vehicle. This means that you should not insure your vehicle for the duty paid value. Click here to get the duty-free value of your vehicle if you are purchasing comprehensive insurance.

Limits of Liability

There are various options for limits of liability that you can purchase. The website defaults automatically to the lowest available limits, which is also the cheapest option. These are:

Property Damage   USD50,000
Bodily Injury   USD25,000 per person/ 50, 000 per accident

We consider these limits inadequate for your protection and we recommend that you purchase higher limits of at least:

Property Damage   USD100,000
Bodily Injury   USD100,000 per person / 200,000 per accident

This cover provides maximum cover for Medical Expenses to occupants of the vehicle as USD5,000 per person/ 25,000 per accident

There is no liability cover for death or bodily injury to passengers of the insured vehicle.

ALL claims must be reported to ANA Seguros, and / or the Mexican Authorities whilst the policy is still in force and you are still in Mexican territory. Failure to report a claim before you leave Mexico may affect your right to make a claim under your policy and ANA Seguros will have the right to deny coverage.