Belize Liability Insurance

RF&G Liability Insurance has you covered. Accidents happen, and even minor mishaps can lead to expensive lawsuits. Our policy shields you from legal fees, medical expenses, and property damage claims if someone gets hurt or their belongings are damaged while on your property.

Public Liability Insurance

Imagine someone getting hurt or their belongings damaged because of your business activities, even outside your location. Public Liability Insurance acts as a safety net in these situations. It covers claims from people who aren’t employees, whether they visit the business premises or encounter any operations elsewhere. This means you’re protected if someone trips on a spill in your shop or if your equipment accidentally damages a client’s property during a work session.

This form of liability insurance covers you against third-party claims in your home or business for non-employees. It will also protect you during business operations where you or your employees may cause damage to a person or their property.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This liability insurance protects you against any claims that might be brought against you should an employee injure themselves at work due to your negligence, or fall ill due to hazardous working conditions.

The basic cover is in respect of liability for injury, death, or illness to persons under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the policyholder i.e. not independent contractors. This policy does not cover damage to employees’ property.

Scenario 1: Dry Cleaning Disaster

Imagine this: a customer visits your dry cleaners to pick up their favorite outfit. Unfortunately, a loose floorboard they didn’t see causes them to trip and fall. Ouch! Thankfully, you have RF&G Public Liability Insurance. If the customer gets hurt and sued, your insurance will cover legal costs and any compensation awarded.

Scenario 2: Boat Catastrophe

Disaster strikes! You’re on a thrilling boat tour with friends when a mishap occurs. The captain accidentally accelerates as the co-captain lowers the anchor. In the chaos, the co-captain suffers a serious injury. Thankfully, you have the foresight to choose RF&G Employer’s Liability Insurance. This insurance will cover the legal fees and any compensation awarded to the co-captain, helping you navigate this unexpected situation.