RF&G, your trusted insurance partner, teams up with ANA Seguros, a leading Mexican company, to offer insurance for your Mexican adventure.

Understanding Coverage and Limits for Your Mexican Adventure:

Duty and Taxes:

  • Unlike Belizean insurance, Mexican coverage does not include import duties and taxes.
  • In case of a total loss, your compensation will be based on the vehicle’s duty-free value, not the purchase price you paid in Belize.
  • To ensure adequate compensation, avoid insuring your vehicle for the duty-paid amount.
  • Click here to learn how to easily determine your vehicle’s duty-free value.

Limits of Liability:

  • You have options for choosing coverage limits. The website defaults to the minimum, most affordable option:
    • Property Damage: USD 50,000
    • Bodily Injury: USD 25,000 per person / USD 50,000 per accident
  • We strongly recommend choosing higher limits for better protection:
    • Property Damage: USD 100,000
    • Bodily Injury: USD 100,000 per person / USD 200,000 per accident
  • This offers maximum medical expense coverage of USD 5,000 per person / USD 25,000 per accident for vehicle occupants.
  • Important: Passengers are not covered for death or bodily injury under this policy.

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Claim Reporting:

  • All claims must be reported directly to ANA Seguros and Mexican authorities while your policy is active and you’re still in Mexico.
  • Failing to report a claim before leaving Mexico may invalidate your claim and deny coverage by ANA Seguros.