Salvage Vehicle for Auction

2002 Mazda Tribute

Auction ID: #22497
Make: Mazda
Model: Tribute
Year: 2002
Engine: 6 Cyl. Automatic
Primary Damange: Rear Left End
Closing Date: October 15, 2022

2005 Honda Pilot

Auction ID: #22578
Make: Honda
Model: Pilot
Year: 2005
Engine: 6 Cyl. Automatic
Primary Damange: Front & Rear Right End
Closing Date: October 15, 2022

Currently there is no vehicle listed for auction. 

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    5. A general statement regarding the location of the vehicle’s damage such as “front end damage” or “rear end damage” is not intended to be inclusive or exhaustive of all of the damage the vehicle has suffered.

    6. The images of the vehicle that RF&G provide are not intended to exhaustively display the current condition of the vehicle, RF&G make no warranty or representation about the condition of the vehicle by providing these images.

    7. All bids are binding upon submittal and once submitted, are expected to be paid in full upon acceptance of bid and delivery of the vehicle.

    8. Insurance void at completion of sale

    9. Buyer accepts all risks associated with purchasing a salvaged vehicle.