About Us

About Us

Since its inception in 1963, RF&G, in conjunction with its legacy entities, has served as a cornerstone of Belize’s insurance landscape, providing reliable protection for both individuals and businesses across the nation. As a wholly owned subsidiary of G.A. Roe and Sons Ltd., and member of the diversified Roe Group of Companies, RF&G boasts a commanding presence, currently holding over 50% of the general insurance market share in Belize. This market leadership reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to its core values of customer service, financial stability, and community engagement.

RF&G: Committed to Excellence through Innovation and Integrity

RF&G stands firmly committed to driving positive change in Belize’s insurance landscape. This dedication is exemplified by the company’s strategic investment in highly sophisticated insurance underwriting software. This cutting-edge technology has empowered RF&G to:

  • Enhance operational efficiency: Streamlined processes and automated workflows lead to faster turnaround times and reduced errors, ultimately benefiting both clients and staff.
  • Optimize risk assessment: Advanced algorithms enable a more granular understanding of individual risks, allowing for the creation of custom-tailored policies that provide optimal protection.
  • Improve data analysis: Comprehensive data insights empower RF&G to identify trends and proactively adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring the continued relevance and competitiveness of its offerings.


To be a leading “world class” insurer in Belize, satisfying the ever changing needs of our customers with integrity and innovation, providing continuity for clients, shareholders, employees and the community.


To provide Secure and Competitive insurance products adapted to the needs of our customers, making use of the latest technology whilst delivering a professional, efficient and personalized service based on a strong financial and ethical foundation.


  • CHRISTOPHER ROE (Chairman)
  • ANDREW C. LEVY ACII & Chartered Insurer
  • GUY D. HOWISON (Managing Director), ACII & Chartered Insurer
  • ANDREW JM ROE (Managing Director), MSc. Risk Management & Insurance, Cert CII
  • JOYCE PERDOMO (Underwriting Director), Cert. CII
  • STEPHEN SWIFT (Underwriting Manager) MBA International Business, Cert CII
  • TONI CHANONA -BRADLEY (Operations Manager), BSc Interdisciplinary, Caribbean Insurance Motor Certificate & Caribbean Insurance Foundation Certificate
  • SLADE SMALL (Claims Manager)
  • MELISSA BARBER (Financial Controller) MBA Finance
  • ROCHELLE LESLIE (Asst. Financial Controller)
  • MELANY MARTINEZ (Compliance Officer) BSc Business Administration


RF&G Insurance has a prudent and conservative reinsurance programme in place with Lloyd’s of London and leading international reinsurers, all of whom hold a minimum A rating from leading financial credit rating agencies. RF&G is a member of the Organization of Insurance Companies in Belize (ORINCO), Insurance Institute of Belize (IIBZ), the Insurance Association of the Caribbean (IAC) & Belize Chamber of Commerce.